NOTE from UVMA President:

This year we will celebrate the one hundred and second anniversary of the United States Army Veterinary Corps, in the future we look forward to celebrating significant events of veterinarians serving in the Air Force and the Public Health Service.

The UVMA currently recognizes the top Army Veterinary Corps officer graduate of each Captains’ Career Course with the Veterinary Leadership Award and recently approved the recognition of the following Public Health Service award recipients for the Veterinary Responder of the Year, the James H. Steele One Health Outstanding PHS Veterinary Career Award, and the Junior Veterinary Officer of the Year Award.

In the next few years we will support a number of projects that should be of interest to our membership that include the renovation of the Army Veterinary Hospital on Fort Sam Houston built in 1908 and the refurbishment of Kelser Plaza at the Army Medical Department Center & School also at Fort Sam Houston named for the first Brigadier General in the Army Veterinary Corps, Raymond Kelser.

The multi-million dollar renovation of the Army Veterinary Hospital built in 1908 at Fort Sam Houston is underway with an anticipated completion date of August 2018. The UVMA looks forward to supporting the Military Funeral Honors Platoon who are the current residents of the facility and recently became associated with the Army “Old Guard” Caisson Platoon at Fort Myer.

The UVMA is looking forward to sponsoring the Uniformed Services Veterinary Spring Dinner at Fort Belvoir on 5 May 2018 and I hope to see you there!

Brigadier General (Retired) John Poppe

In June 2016, the UVMA hosted several activities in San Antonio, Texas just before and on the actual 100th anniversary of the Army Veterinary Corps.   The culminating event was the unveiling of a centennial monument honoring the Army Veterinary Corps at the Army Medical Department Museum at Fort Sam Houston.

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An ABSOLUTELY must view of the statue concept video of the 100th anniversary statue http://youtu.be/wUaCRKQvpzY